Massage Beauty Service


Who we are

Massage Beauty Service is a serious company that has worked in the Canary Islands since ten years. It has a lot of satisfied clients, in fact our must is to make you feel better! The staff is very professional and is ever ready to help you.

- Who are our clients? -

We offer our services in the Canary Islands and we have three different kinds of clients: tourists, Canary residents, and prestigious hotels

If you are on holiday, if you are a resident of the Canary islands or if you live in a house, you can book our services directly in the reserved. Please always write your address, the name of your hotel and fill all the fields that you find on the website.
A member of our staff is going to meet you in the place and time you prefer.
If you are an hotel’s agent and you want take advantage of our services in your hotel, please go directly in: Contacts , you will find all the information you need.